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Our electricians available 24/7 for emergency electrical services as needed.  Also, we provide outstanding response times with our electricians on call.

24/7 Electrical Services Around Gauteng
We’ve come a long way. With more than 20 years of electrical experience in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our electricians are qualified and well trained for any electrical problem.

This is what makes us stand out, we offer master electricians for your home’s electrical system repairs and installation services.


Qualified electricians are here to help.

We have an electrician available 24 hours a day, therefore, assisting you with  electrical repairs  any time of the day. JTS Electricians offer you quality work in surrounding areas of Gauteng.  Your electrical problems and electrical installations are completed in a fast and professional manner.

JTS Electrical Services - 0813000671


Commercial, residential and industrial emergency electricians.

JTS Electrical Services - 0813000671


Broken outlets, flickering lights, tripping switches, burned or damaged wires and faulty electrical appliances etc.

JTS Electrical Services - 0813000671


We provide excellent electrical installations by certified professionals.
We have qualified and full-time electrical installers.

JTS Electrical Services - 0813000671


JTS Electrical Services minimizes electrical problems with our Preventative electrical  maintenance  services

JTS Electrical Services - 0813000671


Choosing the sort of security lighting depends on several factors. It depends on the area size it ought to cover and therefore the location of the security light installation.

24/7 hour available electricians

Instead of fixing electrical problems yourself which can cause an
electrical injury , call our qualified electricians instead to fix it for you.

Whenever you require an electrician to fix an emergency electrical crisis, rest assured with JTS Electrician’s electrical services. A JTS Electrician 24/7 electrician is just a call away.

We have a great reputation and community trust with our electrician respond times. You don’t have to wait until morning for your electrician with JTS Electrical.

Also see our Emergency electrical services offered in Johannesburg and Pretoria – below.

247 Electricians - Gauteng and Pretoria

Emergency Electrical Services

Electricians-SA provides commercial, residential and industrial emergency electrical services.
Electrical emergencies can have grave consequences for your home, business or safety. Unexpected power failures, blown fuses or damaged electrical equipment could all be electrical emergencies.

Electrical emergencies could lead to fires breaking out in homes or people getting injured. Our qualified electricians will handle all these emergencies to ensure you are safe and your electrical system is repaired.

We provide emergency electricians in and around Gauteng to assist you in electrical emergencies. Our emergency electrician will arrive at your property fully equipped to handle your electrical problem.

Call JTS Electrical for an emergency electrician and we’ll send our professional electrician to your property as fast as possible.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Broken outlets, flickering lights, tripping switches, burned or damaged wires and faulty electrical appliances pose great problems for your house or business. You can live with minor electrical problems but not fixing it can lead to expensive expenses in the future. Poorly maintained electrical systems can be dangerous for your family or employees. Fortunately, Electricians-SA is here to assist you with any electrical repairs you might need.

Use a qualified electrician for any electrical work. We’ve got you covered! Working with electronics yourself can get you hurt or can cause more damages to your current electrical devices.

Common household electrical problem:

  • Faulty plugs
  • Light switches that’s not working
  • Tripping switches
  • Parts of the house without power
  • Blown fuses
  • Flickering lights
  • Warm and faulty switches
  • An increase of electrical billing

The above electrical problems can result in fires in your home or business, therefore is it best to call us and let us do your electrical repairs promptly.

247 Electrical Repairs - JTS Electricians

Electrical Installations

We provide excellent electrical installations by certified professionals.

JTS Electrical is a qualified and full-time electrical installer. When your electrical system breaks down or you need an upgrade, we can install any electrical component for your home or business. Therefore, we take pride in our work and our high-quality standards to meet all our customer’s needs.

We are committed to our work to produce quality electrical installation services in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Working together with JTS Electricians, you are assured of prompt service delivery. We take your budgets into consideration, therefore, our electrician will provide the best and affordable electrical advice for you.

Electricians do all your electrical installations

Our electricians begin their work after building construction is framed and in a condition for electricity to be installed. Electricians will be threading metal conduit which is a pipe that protects the building’s wiring. All our electrical installation and repair services are guaranteed for your home and business requirements. Our electricians have the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose any electrical installation or work that needs attention. Whether you have a coffee shop, a home, office or industrial building, our electricians provide all the electrical installation and repair services that you might require. Contact a JTS Electrical today to ensure that your electrical panel is safe and in good condition. We are determined to ensure that your electricity at your home and business functions properly and is safe for the people working with electrical equipment.

Licensed electrician for electrical installations

All the electrical switches installed at your home or office must have a ground wire attached. In our modern times, the introduction with such sophisticated and advanced electrical systems made it necessary to hire a licensed electrician for all your electrical installation and repair services. The likelihood of electrical problems after hiring a licensed electrician is very low. Hiring an insured electrician for electrical installation and electrical repair services means that the owner of the property is not liable for any damages if something goes wrong with the electrical maintenance services. Our master electricians are experts in residential electrical services, commercial electrical services and industrial electrical services. All our electricians are qualified for any electrical work while they also get the electrical work done right the first time.

Electrical installation services

We are proud to serve the community of Johannesburg and Pretoria with electrical installation services, electrical repairs and electrical maintenance services. Our electricians cover the East Rand, Sandton, Randburg, Centurion, Pretoria East, Pretoria North, Pretoria West, Roodepoort, West Rand, Kempton Park and all other areas across Gauteng. Are electricians work hard while providing electrical installations or any other electrical repair services with a smile. Also, our master electrician can provide you with professional advice and expert electrical installations depending on your specific requirements. You can feel great peace of mind knowing all your electrical installations and repairs are done by licensed electricians. Therefore, you have no need to risk your life working directly with electricity yourself.

Upgrading older electrical components

Many buildings and houses in Johannesburg and Pretoria are building years ago. The electrical systems in these properties are not on modern standards and are quickly deteriorating.

Although some materials like copper can last for years, whereas, insulation and other electrical components simply can’t. Modern conductors benefit from more flexible insulation while the older ones become brittle. This can be dangerous due to open wires which can lead to a line-to-ground fault. Our electricians will make sure that new electrical wiring is able to withstand the load necessary at your property in Gauteng.

Get in touch with our experienced electricians for professional electrical installations

Preventative Maintenance


JTS Electricians minimize electrical problems with our Preventative Electrical Maintenance Services. If your electrical equipment is poorly maintained, it can lead to wear and tear and will shorten the life cycle of your electrical equipment of your business or home. Deterioration of electrical equipment can take place when there is overloading of your systems or excessive use. As a result, profits can be lost, production shutdown may occur if the equipment fails.

Preventing electrical problems

We provide well trained and experienced electricians to inspect all these electrical problems for your home or business. Using one of our electricians with our preventative electrical maintenance programs, we can reduce your risk of electrical failures by 60 percent.

While we inspect your electrical system, we inspect equipment that may pose risks or are non-compliant. Our electrician will follow up with a report on your electrical system. The electrician also provides records of testing and to work towards a solution for your business or home’s electrical problems. Call us today for any preventative electrical maintenance solutions.

The inspection by the electrician for preventative maintenance may include:

  • Breaker panel inspection
  • Lighting panel inspection
  • Circuit inspection
  • Power distribution labeling
  • Control panel inspection
  • Inspection of overload protection
  • Power distribution inspection
  • Electrical load balancing

At certain times of the day, power may trip for an unknown reason. Our master electricians will do a full inspection to determine why the power is tripping at your property. The most common result for this is too much load on one circuit breaker.

Sometimes people place too much electrical load on one circuit. That is, when using too many electrical devices on one limited circuit breaker. For an example, a person comes home after a long day of work to only realize the power tripped. He soon determines the the power tripping is due to his under floor heating system. An electrician inspects and find that the under floor heating system is connected to the same outlet on the same circuit breaker as all other electronic devices. So, when the floor heating system is activated with the geyser boiling water, the power trips.

This happens because too many amps are needed which can’t be supplied. An earth leakage produces only 60 amps of electricity. Requiring more electricity, the power trips.

Luckily, our electricians are all master electricians in electrical load balancing. Also, our electricians are all certified to hand over electrical CoC certificates for repairs on installations done.

Our master emergency electricians will first inspect your overall power usage and requirements. They will determine which device requires how much electricity in your home or business compared to the amount of electricity capacity you have. When the inspection is done, the electricians can distribute the electricity between your 3-phase system for electrical load balancing. Therefore, there won’t be too much power drawn from one phase but it would rather be load balanced between more phases.

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