What We Do

With over 12 years experience in the Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance Repair and Renovations industry, JTS provides a hands-on approach to getting your problems fixed!


We do full inspections and quotes, repairs and installations and follow up with Certificates of Compliance when required.


JTS stock and supply quality parts and fixtures through our partner suppliers – giving you the best price and quality.

• Fast and reliable plumbing services
• All our customers are treated with respect
• We SHOW UP – after hours & on weekends!


We also provide a 24/7/365 Emergency Service!

JTS Electrical Services - 0813000671


We also offer master electricians for electrical repair or installation work as required by our customers. Our emergency electricians are available 24/7 to assist you with any electrical problem you need assistance with.

JTS Appliance Repair Services 081 3000 671


We offer installation and repair services to washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers on site.

What We Do

With more than 12 years in the industry you are assured of the best possible advice and service from us. That is what sets us apart from the competitors and that is a synergy between a well-trained back office team driving a plumber or electrician  of the highest standards to deliver an outstanding plumbing service in Gauteng: Top notch plumbers in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas.

JTS Plumbing, a leading emergency plumbing and electrical company in your area. We have a team of licensed plumbers and electricians who provide a wide range of plumbing, electrical services and geyser services to customers near you. If there is a water leakage in your home’s pipes or the kitchen’s sink water is overflowing, contact our emergency plumbers and our experienced plumbers will solve all your plumbing dilemmas. If you experience blocked drains or burst pipes, you may get in touch with our highly skilled local emergency plumbers in your area.

We offer quality emergency home services so you don’t need to worry if you have a plumbing or electrical emergency at your home or office. Phone us to find out why WE are the preferred plumbing and electrical company.

JTS Skilled Plumbers


Our registered and skilled plumbers and electricians will assist you with all your household challenges no matter how big or small the issue might be. We will restore your plumbing system or electrical system like new.

JTS plumbers locally near you


We cover the whole of Gauteng and the South Coast (KZN) with our large team of experienced plumbers and electricians. No matter where in Gauteng or on the Coast you reside, we are able to dispatch a team locally near you.

JTS affordable plumbers


JTS Home Services always see to it to give you the best competitive market prices for our quality services. Our excellent plumbing services and affordable plumbers makes JTS a popular and leading home services company.

JTS friendly and trustworthy plumbing services


JTS Plumbing are dedicated to offer you quality plumbing services in an honest and professional manner. Our plumbers will also be presentable and work safely and neatly at your premises as we respect your property. Call our friendly and trustworthy plumbers today for all your plumbing needs.


Why choose JTS?

Article by Angie (Sales & Accounting Department)

JTS Home Services – “Our little Family in Business” as we like to call it, services Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas – for more than 12 years. Our expert technicians are certified and insured to perform all your plumbing and electrical work. Our call center is on call 24 hours to assist you with all your plumbing and electrical emergencies which cannot wait!


What Sets JTS Apart from the rest?


JTS was started by Michelle in her Garage in 2017 when her former employer shut down his business which has been running successfully for more than 20 years. The reason Michelle decided to take over the business is because she is passionate about what she does and being the good person she is she couldn’t let all the Technicians and Call Centre staff – which she has worked with for so many years – be without an income – as they have families to support as does she. With the help of her husband who has been in the plumbing industry himself for quite some time, through all the blood, sweat and tears that came with it, they managed to make it work. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to one of Our family members – Michelle’s husband, who sadly passed away on 10 September 2021, though we have gained a Guardian Angel.
JTS Home Services started off very small but over the years we have expanded, from working out of a garage to moving into an office with 4 extra staff members, and a second branch in the South Coast of KZN.

Throughout the years we have managed to become a household name. We have refined the business by trying new things, improving processes and constantly learning what constitutes success!

This is defined by our company’s Core Values:



Why JTS Home Services doesn’t like giving prices over the phone.


Giving a plumbing or electrical estimate over the phone is very difficult without the ability to assess the issue in person. More often than not service estimates over the phone are severely inflated. The JTS team prefers to evaluate the job in person prior to providing prices in order to ensure the correct prices are given to our valued customers – the first time around!


The JTS Home Service Promise


Our work can get messy sometimes – that’s why we are focused on keeping our plumbers looking clean at all times in our branded uniform. We guarantee that our plumbers show up and if you are not satisfied with our repairs or any problem arises, we will do the job again for free!
We go the extra mile to ensure our clients have the best experience possible when they contact JTS Home Services! We are sensitive to our client’s individual needs.

We are all about putting our clients first and ensuring that they have peace of mind when it comes to their property.
A client who recently bought a house in Uvongo frantically contacted us when someone stole all the copper piping and their geyser off their property. Our professional team leader Wayne managed to calm the client down and assure the client that he would have running water within a matter of 2 working days. Our team worked tirelessly giving their best to ensure that our client was satisfied.

It is with the same dedication to our clients and upholding a professional service no matter how big or small the problem is, that sets us apart!


History of JTS

Article by Rose (CEO)

“Why use JTS home services? Because we are real, we are different, we have a true story!
We are qualified, we are experts in the Plumbing and Electrical services market. We are here to stay.”

JTS was formed by a dedicated group of 5 individuals experienced in the Plumbing and Electrical services industry.
Our vast knowledge and experience comes from our previous Employer, Mentor and successful Owner of a few thriving businesses in his day and with over 35 years in the plumbing and electrical services business. He Will always remain close to our hearts at JTS Home Services. Starting in the heart of Braamfontein and eventually the heart of Sandton where the magic really happened.

Eventually where he sold up retired and decided to shut down the “shop” as we like to call it. We were all very devastated and sad of the ending of our former known glory thinking it would carry on forever. Collectively we now as a former family now as JTS Team members and still a family in business well.. left us with not only the normal human reaction of, “Oh No, What Now?”

Being part of a private corporate entity for a long time can sometimes lead to this type of scenario where there is not always a contingency and this is where we knew that JTS had to start… Start with building on the foundation of our roots and form a legacy something where we can leave a footprint in the plumbing and electrical business – and also a legacy for our Team. The closing of our former business is where our Dynamic team of Staff and artisans came together and throughout the support, dedication and commitment showcasing our individual strengths across the board of our expertise in the various fields gave us the momentum and opportunity to carry the torch forward where JTS Home Services was then created and formed to honour our fellow staff and colleagues with whom we dedicated many years already in the Plumbing and Electrical services industry. We knew we had to come up with a better solution and a better future for all of us as individuals with families to support. This is where it all began. JTS real people, real stories and a real heart!

So we decided to continue to carry the torch, although we started with 5 Individuals the real challenges came through for us during covid and the still very real challenges we all face globally with the pandemic. This was another reason for JTS not to be forgotten. Instead we aim to be a team to be reckoned with. JTS Home Services: Plumbing Services, Electrical Services and Appliance Repairs is our business – and we are #heretostay.
We aim to offer only the best services that we can provide. Always striving to do better. Our field staff are all qualified, registered artisans trained in the Plumbing and Electrical Services Trades and have been part of our journey for the same time that we have been in the industry.



Thus we can assure you that JTS have a trusted and dedicated Team of Plumbers and Electricians whom we know we can rely on and service the public confidently to ensure only the best and reliable General services, Emergency services, Maintenance and Repairs.
When JTS Home Services began, we started with our experience ranging between 10-15 years in the plumbing and electrical industry.


Dedicated Technicians:

We as a Team at JTS often felt like there was more to offer our customers, so we decided it was time for JTS Plumbing, Electrical and Appliance Team aim to bring back the personal touch into the industry. We are not just another Plumbing and electrical company or unskilled individuals. All our Plumbers and Electricians are qualified Our appliance Technicians also have the valid certification requirements that they need to be able to service your appliance on site. We offer you quality and Guarantee our work. Yes we can sometimes get the diagnoses wrong too. That is why we are different, we are Honest, reliable and we can be trusted.

Our Technicians at JTS Home Services and have been in the field for the same amount of time as Our JTS admin team. Where we as individuals and as JTS Home services understand the stress of a Burst geyser or Leaking pipe. When your washing machine stops working in the middle of a cycle. When calling JTS we want our customers to be satisfied knowing that we care about you and are concerned about getting to you fast as you need us to.

Giving you peace of mind saving you the worries of a blocked drain that could cause the panic or not knowing what to do with that burst kitchen tap gushing water everywhere.



Our team is made up of an outstanding former Customer Service Manager Vanessa, and although she has been known to come across as firm at hand sometimes, however she provides JTS clients with a service that is fair and will ensure that she always takes her knowledge and skills learned over her years in customer services with her. This is why we can confidently bring our customers at JTS Home services the best service you can pay for!
Bringing to JTS a passion and a desire to give an outstanding service to JTS. Vanessa is dedicated to her role in Sales coming together from a former high strung call center environment she understands the customers need in their time of emergency how important it is to us at JTS to give our clients the best plumbing and electrical services.



JTS has you covered we are reliable and we are experts. Our team Leader is Michelle (Rose) Owner and Founder along with her late husband also a former plumber and dedicated team leader a former business manager and owner in the motor trade industry owning his own car service dealership. It was a group of individuals who started JTS and want to carry on with a Legacy for all our artisans and their families, our children, and our families.
So this is one of the many reasons why we recommend that you use us as JTS Home services a trusted name in the business and hopefully for many years to come. Rose (Michelle) formerly experienced in HR managing a team of over 35 call center and admin staff as well as a team of over 25 artisans knows what it takes to make the service industry business successful while meeting the needs and standards of each client and it’s not a money-driven business that drives her, it’s the passion for people, striving to help and support people, showing up to assist in emergency situations.

It is her passion for not only her Team in the field but also her staff and Clients, and her willingness to make a difference in the industry and community JTS serves. Servicing the whole of Gauteng ensuring that we have a technician in your area when you call us for all your plumbing, electrical and appliance services. From Sandton, Norwood, Bramley, Houghton, Honeydew, Ferndale, Randburg, Illovo, Bryanston, Dunkeld, Krugersdorp, Bedfordview, Edenvale, Boksburg, Benoni, Midrand, Centurion, Roodepoort, Pretoria – we have you covered… showing that true leadership starts with passion.

Striving to be not only a successful entrepreneur at heart but a successful business that provides excellent customer services, building an open and transparent relationship with clients is key. Being able to attend to a client’s emergency with reliable and expert services JTS provides you with quality and qualified plumbers and electricians.

This is why you should use JTS Home Services for all your Plumbing, Electrical and Appliance services.

Save our number! Put us on speed-dial!
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