Circuit Boards

Distribution boards contain all the circuit breakers (or switches) and are known by a few different names: A circuit board, circuit breaker box, fuse box, electric box or simply put – the DB board. Distribution boards or DB boards are the main electricity distribution point in your home or office. It is the central point for all your electrical wiring. JTS electricians are qualified and provide professional distribution board repairs and installation in all areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria.


DB boards can be found in kitchens, garages, or any applicable location inside your home. A DB board usually has a metallic cover which can be easily opened and contains all your circuit breakers.

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Electrical current from the grid is split into electrical circuits which are placed inside the distribution board. A circuit breaker is a good form for protection against electrical surges, electrical contact or short-circuits in your home or office. The electrical circuit breakers can switch off power to specific electrical appliances or all appliances in the case of any electrical emergency or problem.

A DB board regulates the flow of electricity inside your home or office. A DB board allows the owner to power off electricity to lights, plugs, geysers, doorbells, gate motors or any additional electrical device connected to your home.

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JTS Electricians are qualified and experienced. We can provide Certificates of Compliance for all electrical inspections, repairs and installations.

DB Board Inspections

JTS electricians offer DB board inspection to ensure that your power flow is working properly, and we conduct professional and in depth troubleshooting on DB boards to ensure your DB board distributes electricity effectively and will switch the electricity off automatically in the case of electrical problems.

Distribution Board Inspections in Gauteng and Pretoria
DB Board Inspections by Qualified Electricians - Gauteng

DB Board Repairs

JTS offer DB board repairs by electricians in all areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria. If you need bigger or new circuit breakers, rewiring or experiencing major distribution of electricity problems, give our electricians a call today for all your DB board repairs.

We strongly advise not to conduct distribution board repairs or installations yourself! Electricity can be dangerous to work with and if something has not been properly configured, you can risk the lives of your household if the circuit breakers do not trip the power automatically in the case of accidental contact with electricity.

JTS Electrical provide skilled and licensed electricians when conducting all the necessary inspections, installations and repairs for your distribution boards, circuit breakers and electrical rewiring services.

Overloading Distribution Panel

If the flow of electricity measured within the quantity of amps is too great for a circuit’s specifications it will overload. Electrical tripping is the most typical result. Your earth leakage switches my trip due to the electrical overload and this may be very dangerous.

Our electricians also install surge arresters to further protect the  electronic devices in your home against lightning and over voltage scenarios which may cause electronic damage. A Surge arrester also protects your electronic devices against electricity spikes which can occur during times of load shedding or fluctuations in power to your home. To protect your electronics, such as phones, TVs and other sensitive and expensive electronic equipment, call an electrician from JTS Electrical to help you with electrical load balancing and surge arrester or surge protection installations.

DB board overload can cause electric fires
Signs of an Overloaded DB board
  • Power outages: If circuit breakers are constantly tripping and you constantly have no power, it could be that the distribution board cannot handle the current demand. 
  • Outlets or the BD Board are too hot to touch: This is a sign that either your distribution board or the outlets are working harder than they should be. An outlet that is warm to the touch may signal that a plugged-in appliance is causing a problem and this should not be taken lightly as it may further damage your home’s wiring. 
  • Sparks: If you see sparks coming from your electrical box or your outlets, switch off your power completely and call an expert technician to inspect your wiring. This is a common sign of an overloaded electrical box. This can cause a serious fire hazard and needs to be  dealt with as soon as possible.


How to fix an overloaded DB board
  1. Fixing any part of your home’s electrical system and wiring should be done with extreme caution! Fixing serious electrical problems – like distribution boards – should be done by qualified professionals. Luckily, there are actions you can take in your home to troubleshoot the cause of an overloaded distribution board and to put preventative measures in place to help you use electricity wisely. 
  2. Troubleshooting: If a specific circuit keeps tripping, the first thing you should do is switch off the power for that breaker. Then unplug all of the appliances in that area. Once everything is unplugged, switch that circuit breaker back on. Now check the recommended amp level of the circuit breaker, and make sure that you’re not running too many appliances on each plug outlet. To prevent a certain sections of wiring from being overloaded, plug in some of those extra appliances to different outlets around your home.
Preventative Measures

The easiest way to prevent an overloaded distribution board is to shuffle some of your appliances around your home. You can even out the load between each circuit breaker, so no section of your electrical system has to work harder than another. Being aware of your home’s electrical load is also necessary. 

Your electrical panel determines how much electrical output you can make use of in your home. The box will probably have an amperage between 100 and 200, and the amperage of all the circuit breakers on the panel may double that number. Each circuit breaker will also have its own amperage guide, usually within the range of 15 to 30 amps. This outlines how much power you can use for this specific area. If you’re powering a larger home or an AC system, you’ll want to make sure you have a minimum amperage of around 200. The right size box for you is going to depend on your appliances and the size of your home, so let one of our licensed technicians advise you if you need an electrical panel replacement.

Some major appliances, like refrigerators and HVAC systems, are required to have dedicated circuits. This means that a circuit breaker will only supply power to a single outlet reducing the risk of overloading your distribution board. Ensuring that these devices are wired correctly can also helps increase the efficiency of your appliances by providing them with a reliable supply of power.

JTS Electrical Services are always available to check your db board and wiring and to make sure that they are in safe working order.

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