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We offer a wide variety of electrical repair and installation services throughout Gauteng.

JTS Electrical has proved themselves in the fields of general electrical repairs, residential and commercial electrical installations as well as an emergency electrical service.

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Emergency Electrical Services

Never wait for any electrical services with JTS Electricians. Our emergency electricians are available all hours of the day for 7 days a week to assist you with any electrical services required.

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Residential Electricians

JTS Electricians have worked in every type of residence Gauteng has to offer. We do all our work professionally with the same approach we do our work in high-end luxury buildings. Our customers appreciate that we are open all hours, therefore, when they need an electrician, we’re always ready to assist. 

JTS Electrical Services - 0813000671

Commercial Electricians

We specialize in commercial electrical services and projects. Over the years, we have successfully completed many various types of commercial electrical jobs. We adhere to always keeping our work area neat, and respecting your property.

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Experienced Electrical Services

JTS Electricians provides all areas of Gauteng with  electrical repair  and  electrical installation services  for decades. Don’t sit in the dark when you don’t have electricity. Sit back and relax when you know JTS Electrical is here for you. With us, you can expect professional and reliable services.

Our friendly and experienced team of technicians will ensure that all our clients are satisfied.  JTS Electricians ensures that our electricians will assist you in getting your electrical problems repaired the first time. Our company offers reliable and safe wiring and electrical services to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

All our electricians kept up with all the latest technology in the electrical industry. Thus, it doesn’t matter at what time of the day or what electrical work you might require, make us your choice for electrical repairs to get the work done right the first time. 

Troubleshooting / Electrical Fault Finding

Our electrical technicians will troubleshoot and find the root of your electrical problems and then fix it promptly. This is what we enjoy doing most. We have some of the best electricians in South Africa working in our team. We can ensure our clients that they are in good hands.

Safety is very important to us, therefore, we will find the cause of the electrical fault and make sure the problem is fixed so that it will not occur again.

Trouble Shooting - Electrical Inspection by Professional Electrician
JTS Electrical has well equipped technicians ready to help sort out all your electrical problems.

Well Equipped Technicians

Electricity is a great requirement that is at times much under-appreciated. Without electricity, everything comes to a stop. You can’t use your electrical phone, charge your cellphone, watch sports on the television, keep food products cold in the fridge or cook food using an electric oven. JTS Electrical Services provides expert advice, maintenance, repairs and installation services to ensure your electrical services functions correctly. We don’t work harder – but smarter! Our electricians use the latest technologies to quickly find electrical faults and repair them promptly. 

Electrical Geyser Repair Services

JTS Electrical Services understands how important hot water in your home is to you and that is why we offer electrical geyser repair services. We have professional electricians who will inspect your electrical geyser and electrical connections and conduct professional  electrical repairs or installations as necessary. 

One of our client’s had a iron tap in their bath which delivered an electrical shock when it was touched. We inspected the electrical cause and determined that there were two pipes connected to the geyser. There was an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe connected to the electrical geyser and that the pipes were not connected together electronically.

So, in a situation like this, when you sit in the bath filled with water, you can be fatally killed via electrical shock. The problem with electricity is that when you get shocked, all your muscles tense together. When you receive an electrical shock, the chances are few that you might let go or unclench after being shocked. 

Coming back to the inlet and outlet pipes on the electrical geyser… Our electricians used a copper strip which has many holes in it and fitted in onto the two pipes connected to the electrical geyser. The copper strip is used to short out the two pipes and the flow of electricity which in return produces an earth for the pipes. This is a very basic technique used to quickly prevent an electrical shock.

If something does happen between the two pipes which can lead to an electrical shock, the electricity immediately relays to earth and the person will not shock. 

Electrical Geyser Repair Services and Installations




Electrical Geyser Element

A faulty geyser element can cause major electrical and hot water problems in your home. Sometimes an element inside a geyser can burst open due to to a number of reasons. The element inside your geyser is made from metal. There are also two cables connected to the geyser’s element for electricity flow. A geyser’s element is placed inside metal which produces electrical resistance and in return allows heat to build up. The measurement for electricity on a geyser is done in kilowatts.

But, when an element burst open, the live electrical wire makes direct contact with the water inside of the geyser’s tank.

JTS Electrical Appliance Repair Services

Electrical Appliance Repair Services

We don’t just fix major electrical problems. We also provide electrical appliance repairs and installation services. All our residential appliance repairs include: Fridge repairs,  Freezer repairs, washing machine repairs, dish washer repairs.  Contact our professional electricians to offer electrical appliance repairs for all your electrical devices in your home or business.

Professional Electrical Services

It has never been easier to have all your electrical systems repaired. Phone JTS Professional Electrical Services today.

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