JTS  Renovation Services

Are you looking to renovate or remodel your kitchen or bathroom? Perhaps add an extra addition to your home – such as a patio, garage or swimming pool.

JTS Renovation Services offer affordable home renovations and commercial renovation services and refurbishment in your area.

JTS Home Renovation Services. Looking to renovate or remodel? Perhaps add an extra addition to your home? Call the JTS Renovation Team. 081 3000 671

Renovation Services

Our experienced team of plumbers, electricians and renovators assess your needs and find the best solution to fit your budget and bring your dream into reality!

JTS Renovation Services - 081 3000 671

Quality Workmanship

We offer quality renovations and remodelling by
reputable plumbers and electricians in your area.

Quality and affordability and doing the job of
refurbishment right the first time – saves you
money. We want to make you smile! So providing the
very best service allows us to know that you are
more than satisfied – we have helped make your
dreams come true.

JTS Renovation Services - 081 3000 671

Remodelling Contractors

Whether you require a complete or partial renovation our master builders are more than capable of successfully renovating residential and commercial properties as well as general renovations.

Our policy of upholding excellence and professionalism at all times ensures that al jobs are completed successfully and on time.

Bathroom Renovations

We offer quality bathroom renovations and remodelling by reputable plumbers and electricians in your area.

When it comes time to remodel your small or large bathroom consider a team that has your best interests at heart. JTS Plumbers consider quality, affordability and aesthetics as part of our service to you – keeping your budget and vision foremost in our minds.

Our bathroom renovation service includes: floor installations, bathtub installation, shower installation, geyser installations, sink
installation, toilet installation, countertops and cabinet installation. We also install all the drainage and piping required to a  professional standard. Speak to us about our granite counters.

JTS Bathroom Renovations - professional Bathroom Remodelling Contractors
JTS Bathroom Renovations and Remodelling Services

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen remodelling and renovations are built
around your budget, personal taste and requirements.

Custom new kitchens or revamped kitchens require personalised service. JTS Renovators have the foresight to bring your vision to life.

Cost effective and affordable kitchen makeovers. Our kitchen installations include: floor installations, wiring and plumbing, lighting, appliance installation, sink/basin and installation of fixtures, countertops and cabinet installation.

Speak to us about our granite countertops.

Granite Counters / Countertops

For timeless luxury and quality countertops – there is one solution that says QUALITY – granite.

Our range of Granite tops are beautiful. We cut and install quality granite stone for your kitchen or bathroom etc. For a solid clean surface, granite is a perfect solution.

JTS Renovations - Granite Countertops
JTS Garage Building, Renovations and Alterations

Garage Renovations / Alterations

Building or remodelling a garage can be a huge undertaking and is not a simple home improvement project done over a weekend by an unqualified DIY carpenter.

Garage aesthetics, safety and efficiency requires some important decisions to be taken into consideration before even  beginning.

Our garage renovations include: garage flooring and coating, storage racks, cabinet installation, safe electric outlets, safe plumbing work, garage door installation and lighting.

Gate Motor Installation

Our JTS electric gate installers ensure quality work when installing either sliding or swing gate motors.

Our turnkey solution includes gate motor supply, installation and gate alignment.

Affordability, reliability and customer satisfaction is our aim.

Speak to us for gate motor prices and installation costs.

JTS Gate Motor Installations
JTS Renovations - Railing Installation

Railing Installation

JTS railing installation contractors provide quality work for all handrails, stair handrails and balusters and bannisters (railing with supporting posts) and balustrades.

Gutter Replacement

We ensure quality workmanship for all gutter installations for residential, domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

New installations and replacement gutters, down pipes, facials and bargeboards.

Call us today to install or replace seamless gutters and sectional gutters.

JTS Renovations - Rain Gutters Replacement and Installation
JTS Paving Installers in your area

Paving Installation

We offer competitive prices on residential and commercial paving.

Our pavers will discuss various options with you in terms of surfaces, paving products (brick paving or other), colour and style, water drainage etc. to ensure an attractive and cost effective solution to your paving requirements.

Tiling Installation Services

JTS Tiling experts are proficient at floor tiling and wall tiling.

Tile laying of bathroom or kitchen floors or tiling onto existing tiled floors is all part of our professional service to you. Once your perfect tile has been chosen we ensure quality work and a neat finish.

JTS Tiling Installation Services. Professional Wall and Floor Tiling for your home or office
JTS Home Renovations - We Install Carports and Shelters

Shelters and Carports

Building or renovating of carport structures not only helps protect your vehicles from the sun, rain, hail etc. but it increases the value of your home.

JTS build carports that are stable, aesthetically pleasing and comply to building regulations. Protecting your car, boat, motorbike etc. from the elements also increases the life of your vehicles.

Call JTS Home Renovations for carport prices.

Precast Walls

Precast walling is the most durable kind of walling that can withstand extreme weather conditions and fire.

JTS Renovators can seal pre cast walls for the South Coast weather. Available on Request.

Precast walls can be installed quickly, are easy to repair and cost effective.

JTS Precast Wall Installers
JTS Renovation Team Install Aluminium Windows and Doors

Installing Aluminium Windows & Doors

When we install aluminium doors and windows in your home or office it adds a touch of quality.

Aluminium windows and doors are functional, durable and stylish. Choose the style that suits your budget and functionality. We supply and fit.

Swimming Pool Installers

JTS install and repair leaking swimming pools. From fibreglass pool installation to building concrete swimming pools with tiles and paving.

Our swimming pool experts will help you plan and install your pool to your specifications.

JTS Renovations - We Install and Repair Swimming Pools
JTS Waterproofing Solutions for Foundations, Roofs and General Leaks

Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing and damp proofing needs to be properly by an expert.

Once the exact water leak is detected we jump into action to ensure that no water penetrates your house.

There are many possible causes of leaking. We offer leak detection and also fix leaking roofs, gutters, walls, swimming pools etc.

Ceiling Installations

We install ceiling boards and provide expert roof repairs that are accepted by insurers and banks.

Affordable and efficient installations by professionals.

JTS Ceilings and Ceiling Board Installation

Renovation / Remodelling Contractors

JTS offer professional home renovation, home remodelling, office renovation and office remodelling services.

We have the expertise and proper equipment to get it the job done.

With attention to detail and a integrated approach to the job at hand, you can look forward to a stress free experience.


• Renovation refers to restoring or repairing from a state of disrepair. For example, by renovating a room or garage we are resurrecting that part of your house and improving it.

• Remodelling refers to changing the appearance or structure or even the function of a particular room. Remodelling essentially transforms an existing design and layout of a room, building or home.