Professional Plumbing Services


Whether you require plumbing repairs, plumbing installations or complete bathroom or kitchen renovations, JTS Plumbing offers it all to you. JTS Plumbing will provide an exceptional plumbing experience and plumbing installation services to you.

Adding or upgrading your old plumbing system of your home to a new modern plumbing system not only reduces your chances for plumbing problems but also increases the overall value to your home. Our bathroom and kitchen renovation services also are a great way to increase the value of your property significantly. Plumbing installations are at times the more complex part in renovation services or plumbing repairs.

This is exactly where JTS Plumbing gets in to assist you. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services by fully qualified plumbers to conduct all your plumbing installation services the same day in a skilled manner.

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Renovations, repairs or new installations of basins and sinks.

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Upgrade or replace your old bath.

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Upgrade to a larger geyser or replace your old one. We also convert to solar.

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We repair and also install new modern toilets.

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We find water leaks and burst pipes and install new pipes inside and outside.

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Change the style and shape or add another shower.

Basin Plumbing Installation Service


Do you require a new basin for your renovated bathroom or is your old basin damaged? JTS Plumbing’s plumbers can install modern and new basins to your bathroom to give you more space or add extra value to your modern bathroom.

No matter your preferences, we can do it for you, the right way the first time. Contact our plumbing team for all your basin plumbing installations today.

JTS Home Services - Basin Plumbing Installations
JTS Home Services - Bath or Bathtub Plumbing Installations

Bathtub Plumbing Installation Service

Bathtub installations are one of the most common plumbing installations during bathroom renovation services. If you require a new bathtub, if your old bathtub can’t be repaired or you want to upgrade to a new modern bathtub, JTS Plumbing is the place to be. We offer complete bathtub installation services with great care offered by skilled plumbers. We assure you that the new bathtub installation service will last you for years to come and also give a long-lasting impression to your bathroom.

Our plumbers will work with you to carefully decide which bathtub installation will suit your needs the best. No matter the bathtub size, bathtub shape or bathtub style, we do any kind of bathtub installation you require. Get in touch with us today for a bathtub installation plumber to provide you with the perfect bathtub installation service.

Geyser Plumbing Installation Service


JIs your geyser not working as it should anymore? Or do you require a larger geyser for your home to produce hot water? JTS Plumbing offers professional plumbers and electricians to inspect your existing geyser problems and can offer advice to any geyser related problems you might have.

A burst geyser should always be replaced with a new geyser and that is exactly what we offer you. Our electricians and plumbers are certified to conduct new geyser installations for your property and also provide you with a CoC certificate after a geyser installation has been completed. Don’t ever be without hot water again, contact JTS Plumbing and we’ll provide you with a professional geyser installation service.

JTS Home Services - Geyser Installation Service
JTS Home Services - Toilet Plumbing Installation Service

Toilet Plumbing Installation Service

Our experienced plumbers can replace the old faulty toilet in your bathroom with a modern and stylish toilet which will add value to your property. Depending on your needs, our plumbers can assist you in choosing the best toilet installation for comfort, efficiency and appearance. Our plumbers will also ensure that your new toilet installation will be properly installed with care, thus, preventing water leaks, running toilet problems and other toilet plumbing problems in the future.

Water Pipe Installation Service


Water pipe installations is what our plumbers do every day around Gauteng. Due to so many older homes with older water pipes leaking or bursting, our plumbers will quickly determine the leaks and replace any old water pipe with a new one.

Also, we offer complete water pipe installations and replacements for your entire home or office. Only high-quality pipes are used to ensure your water pipe system will be problem free for a long time to come.

JTS Home Services - Leaking Water Pipe Repair and Installation Service
JTS Home Services - Shower Plumbing Installation Service

Shower Installations

JTS Plumbing offers shower installations for any shower type, style or shape you require. We also install showers precisely according to your preferences. We replace old showers with new shower installations. Also, if you require a completely new bathroom or an additional shower in your existing bathroom, our plumbers can do just that. Contact JTS Plumbing’s plumbers today for any shower installation service you might require.

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