Solar Batteries

When it comes to Solar Batteries, JTS Home Services has sought out the market leaders. All our solar powered products work together.

Shoto is a passionate brand who manufacture products that will positively impact the environment.
Compatible with most Hybrid Inverters on the market, their 5.12kWh battery is perfect for keeping the lights on during load shedding for the average

household. These great batteries come with a 5-year warranty and 5000 cycles at 90% DOD.
The modular design means you can easily add another 5.12kWh Shoto Lithium-ion Battery to expand your battery bank.

Vestwoods is dedicated to bringing new green energy technologies of intelligent lithium batteries.
Their products and services have been applied in South Africa, US, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Europe etc.
They work together with local partners to provide a one-stop service.

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