Solar Panels

JTS Home Services – Solar sources top brand names in solar panel technology to fit your requirements.

Solar panels from Canadian Solar need to be bought by the pallet, whereas DAH Solar will supply any number of solar panels you require.

Quick Breakdown:
Canadian Solar – Minimum order 1 pallet – Power 540 Watts
DAH Solar – No minimum order amount – Power 460 Watts

Solar panel systems are modular, in other words they can be scaled up from a few units for domestic production to thousands of modules for solar farming.

Canadian Solar makes excellent products and backs them up with warranties that meet or exceed the industry standard. The prices are competitive, and the company has a relatively long history of profitable operation, so you can be sure they’ll be around to back up those warranties.

DAH Solar is a professional solar panel manufacturer that exports to over 100 countries. Their success is based on their technology: 1 GW capacity for silicone wafers, 2 GW PV modules, and 5 GW topcon PV modules and solar cells.
DAH Solar is a complete solar system supplier since 2009.

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