Canadian 540W Solar Panel


  • The Canadian 540W Solar Panel is a modular solar panel system. Proprietary mono wafer and cell technologies combine to reduce LCOE and installation costs.
  • Minimum order 1 pallet
  • Product Warranty: 12 years
  • Performance Warranty: 25 years

Canadian 540 Watt Solar Panel Features

  • Lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature.
  • Cell crack risk limited to smaller area of the cell.
  • Innovative symmetrical module design means better shading tolerance.
  • Heavy snow loads up to 5400Pa and increased wind load up to 3600Pa.
  • Product Warranty: 12 years.
  • Performance Warranty: 25 years.

Canadian 540W Solar Panel Specifications

Under Standard Test Conditions (STC) of irradiance of 1000 W/m2, spectrum AM 1.5 and cell temperature of 25°C.

  • Model: CS6W-540MS.
  • Nominal Max. Power (Pmax): 540 W.
  • Opt. Operating Voltage (Vmp): 41.3 V.
  • Opt. Operating Current (Imp): 13.08 A.
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 49.2 V.
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 13.90 A.
  • Module Efficiency: 21.1%.
  •  Operating Temperature ;-40°C ~ +85°C.
  • Max. System Voltage: 1500V (IEC/UL) or 1000V (IEC/UL).
  • Module Fire Performance: TYPE 1 (UL 61730 1500V) or TYPE 2 (UL 61730 1000V) or CLASS C (IEC 61730).
  • Max. Series Fuse Rating: 20 A.
  • Application Classification: Class A Power Tolerance.


Canadian 540 Watt Solar Panel Mechanical Data

  • Cell Type: Mono-crystalline.
  • Cell Arrangement: 144 [2 x (12 x 6)].
  • Dimensions: 2261 mm x 1134 mm x 35 mm.
  • Weight 27.8 kg.
  • Front Cover: 3.2 mm tempered glass.
  • Frame: Anodized aluminium alloy.
  • J-Box: IP68, 3 bypass diodes.
  • Cable: 4.0 mm² (IEC), 12 AWG (UL).

Please note that panel dimensions and specifications are subject to change. Please double check with us that they are correct at time of purchase.

Is Canadian Solar any good?

Canadian Solar makes excellent products and backs them up with warranties that meet or exceed the industry standard. The prices are competitive, and the company has a relatively long history of profitable operation, so you can be sure they'll be around to back up those warranties.
As one of the top 5 solar panel manufacturers in the world, Canadian Solar has a long history of success and big plans for the future. SOURCE: Solar Reviews on Canadian Solar Panels - Expert review

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