Vestwoods 5.12kW 125Amp Solar Battery


  • The Vestwoods 5.12kW 125Amp Solar Battery is an intelligent lithium battery boasting a long life and high quality LFP cells. Perfect for energy storage.
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • VT48100E-A2 4.8KW @ 48v 1C 100% DOD
  • with CAN Comms, LCD Screen, SNMP, 125Amp CB

Vestwoods 5.12kW 125Amp Solar Battery - Product Description

The Vestwoods Model VT48100E-A2 Intelligent lithium battery, integrated with self-designed BMS which can be widely used in various telecom and energy storage system such as indoor distribution stations, integrated base stations, edge stations, micro-cell stations, FTTX equipment, distributed power supply, standby.

Key Features

  • High quality LFP cells
  • High rate charge/discharge current @100A
  • Long design life up to 15+ years @25℃
  • Superior energy density: ≥103 Wh/kg
  • High Efficiency between charge and discharge
  • Modbus/CAN/SNMP V2/SNMP V3 (optional)
  • Multiple protection methods based on patented BMS
  • Intelligent anti-theft solutions available

5.12kW 125Amp Solar Battery Specifications

  • 16 Cell LFP
  • 100Ah@0.2C,25℃
  • 51.2 VDC 56.4 V
  • 100A@25℃ 43.2 V
  • 100A@25℃ 0℃~60℃-20℃~60℃
  • Allowed Humidity Range Weight @ ≤95% RH
  • Approx. Weight 41 kg
  • IP Level IP 20

Vestwoods manufactures top quality intelligent lithium-ion batteries which are internationally used for solar and backup systems. In Africa, the Vestwoods lithium range are installed in mobile telecoms solutions due to the reliability and life span of the products. Vestwoods originally developed the world's first intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) which was used in many other brands.

The Vestwoods lithium-ion battery range is designed with a 20 year life span and includes cooling to ensure efficiency and high performance at a very reasonable cost. What stands out on these batteries is the ability to supply high inrush currents, especially when starting up ac motors and heavy loads.