Toilet Repair And Installation


Are you struggling with a leaking or broken toilet? JTS Plumbing offers emergency toilet repair and toilet installation services in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the South Coast (KZN).

 Contact our licensed toilet repair and installation plumbers today for a free quote and all your toilet repair needs. A faulty toilet can cause a great inconvenience for a family in a home.

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Damage to floors and walls, carpets and cupboards can be avoided.

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Unusable toilets and overflowing toilets can be hazardous. We unblock you toilet drain quicky!

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We find the problem and if it cannot be fixed, we replace the parts needed.

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When you have a broken toilet you need an expert to can advise and install the right toilet for you.
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Leaking Toilets


We all at some point experienced a leaking toilet, especially where the floor was soaked with water next to the toilet.

Leaking toilets can cause damage to carpets, floors and cause people to slip and fall.

There are a variety of aspects that can lead to toilet leaking.

Some leaking toilets can be easily inspected, as some leaking toilets can be a more serious problem that will require a professional plumber to perform expert toilet repairs.

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JTS Plumber unblocking a toilet

Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet can cause a toilet to overflow water when the toilet is flushed. This can cause great frustrations for a family, as it can send off bad odours into your home and also make the blocked toilet inaccessible for use. Blocked toilets can also cause water damage to your home or even cause pipe damages if it overflows too much.

In most blocked toilet drains, the toilet gets blocked due to foreign materials being flushed down the toilet. Some foreign materials which are commonly found in blocked toilets are sanitary pads, nappies, food, hair and children’s toys. Also, our plumbers advise to minimize the amount of toilet paper flushed down a toilet bowl at once. All these objects may lead to an unexpected blocked toilet or blocked toilet drain. But, if you are experiencing a blocked toilet probloem that you can’t unblock yourself, please contact our blocked toilet repair plumbers in your local area. A local plumber in your area from JTS Plumbing will quickly arrive, assess, quote and get to work unblocking your toilet… and before you know it, your toilet will be working perfectly again.

    New Toilet Installations


    JTS Plumbing is a leading plumbing company that specializes in bathroom and kitchen renovation services. Although we can conduct all toilet repair services efficiently, we also provide advice for new toilet installations to all our clients. Our plumbers will provide you with the best toilet installation advice to replace your old or broken toilet with a modern toilet.

    We do complete new toilet installations, with care and precision which will in return, provide you a toilet that will work for years to come. Get in touch with our plumbers today for new toilet installation which will add extra value to your bathroom.

    JTS Plumbers installing a toilet

    Toilet Repairs

    Toilet repair services

    Nobody wants a leaking toilet, blocked toilet or any other toilet problems to occur. A blocked toilet or leaking toilet can cause a toilet to be out of service for long periods. Also, a faulty toilet can in many cases cause bad smells in your home. Toilet repair work can be messy but also if you only have one toilet in your home, a faulty toilet repair is a big priority. With our plumbers always being available, we will quickly restore your toilet with our toilet repair services, therefore, your toilet can function perfectly.

    When to call a plumber

    In most cases, a toilet will begin to show signs of breaking down. When you have tried to flush the toilet but it simply won’t flush, you can check all the toilet equipment inside the tank to determine if there are obstructions or loosened hardware. If you are unable to determine any problem, it is advisable to contact our local plumbers for a thorough toilet inspection.

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